Often, patients are concerned about more than just their eye health. Some may be concerned about the appearance of their eyes as well. For example, patients who suffer from drooping eyelids or other aesthetic concerns may want help from an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic eye doctor. Our team at Kunesh Eye Center is committed to helping our Dayton, OH patients get the help they need.

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What Is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic eye surgery addresses issues like drooping eyelids through eyelid surgery. Our surgeon is skilled at removing extra skin or making other aesthetic and medical changes to improve the look of the eyes as well as the health of the eyes. This form of surgery focuses on eye health and can also address the following:

  • Tear ducts (Blocked)
  • Orbits of the eye (Fractures)
  • The eye structure (the area around the eyes)
  • Eye Tumors

Oculoplastic surgery covers both medical and aesthetic issues when it comes to the eyes. It can be reconstructive in nature, improving the health and vision of the eyes, as well as the appearance of the eye area. However, patients can elect to have oculoplastic surgery solely to improve the look of their eyes. Patients may need this surgery for reasons that are purely medical as well. Often, it’s a combination of the two. Oculoplastic surgery can enhance or improve the appearance of the eyes as well as improve eye function and health.

It’s All About You

No two patients are the same. Each has his own unique needs and preferences. At Kunesh Eye Center, we understand this and consider each patient’s unique wants and needs. We have the skill of a plastic surgeon when it comes to improving the appearance of the eyes. However, we also have the skills of an eye doctor because we’re both.

We take pride in improving both eye health and appearance. We are eye doctors who have both medical training and reconstructive and plastic surgery training on the eyes.

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If you’re interested in improving the look of your eyes, your eye health, or both, call us at (937) 298-1703. We can discuss your options as well as the benefits of the specific type of eye surgery you’re interested in. Kunesh Eye Center has helped patients who’ve struggled with everything from drooping eyelids to fractured orbits or eye sockets and more.