Cataracts can impair vision and make it difficult to see and achieve many day-to-day tasks. Fortunately, cataract removal is a procedure that our team at Kunesh Eye Center is familiar with. Restored vision and better eye health are our primary concerns at our Dayton, OH, office. However, we do more than just remove cataracts. We also perform post-procedures that have the ability to significantly improve patient vision after cataract removal.

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What Are PanOptik Lenses?

PanOptik lenses are intraocular or implantable lenses designed to restore visual acuity at any distance. This procedure is often performed after a patient has had cataract removal. PanOptik lenses are implanted in the eye to replace the damaged natural lens of the eye. This procedure can improve distant and near vision, as well as a patient’s midrange vision.

The effects of PanOptik lenses are similar to the effects of trifocal lenses. These implantable lenses improve or restore vision at any distance, eliminating the need for contact lenses or glasses. PanOptik lenses are designed to restore 20/20 vision or significantly improve patient vision. No more squinting to see far distances or rummaging through your drawers to find your reading glasses.

Other Considerations

PanOptik lenses are made with light-filtering materials that protect the eyes from sunlight and other forms of light. These lenses filter both blue light and ultraviolet light. An ophthalmologist can help patients explore the benefits of PanOptik lenses and determine if these lenses are a good fit for them.

PanOptik Lenses and Cataracts

Cataract removal restores patients’ vision to a point, but there’s still often a need for glasses after this procedure. PanOptik lenses are implantable contact lenses that can restore visual acuity from any distance. These implantable trifocal lenses eliminate the need for corrective contact lenses and glasses.

An ophthalmologist can perform this surgery to restore and improve patients’ vision after cataract removal. This form of eye surgery can be beneficial for patients because the procedure not only restores vision but also greatly improves it. A Kunesh Eye Center eye doctor can perform PanOptik and eyelid surgery to improve and restore vision.

Cataract Eye Care in Dayton, OH

If you have concerns about your vision after you’ve had cataract removal, our team at the Kunesh Eye Center can help. We can help you explore your options for improving your vision. PanOptik lenses may be a good fit for you and provide many benefits in addition to improving and restoring your vision. Call us at (937) 298-1703. We’d be happy to answer your questions.